Educator Workshop: Why and how your faith in students’ learning matters?

What role does your faith in students’ learning play in how you approach the classroom? Welcome to an online workshop with Colin Jones to discuss, debate and examine just that.

Entrepreneurship education is not immune to the science of learning. There are many things educators can do to support their students’ learning. This workshop taps into the science of learning literature around schema development, cognitive load theory, generative learning and cognitive apprenticeships to ask the following question; what mix of instructional strategies, authentic learning opportunities and reflection are required to support learning in the context of entrepreneurship education? The session will provocatively offer attendees the opportunity to self-audit the nature of their current practice, and discuss the topics covered in a collegial atmosphere.

workshop Instructor

The instructor of the workshop is Colin Jones, USQ, Australia. Following a diverse and exciting journey as an entrepreneur, Colin has dedicated his research towards entrepreneurship education. Most recently, Colin published “How to Teach Entrepreneurship” — an effort to provide educators around the globe a cohesive pedagogical framework for all things entrepreneurship. As an Associate Professor of Academic Development at USQ, Colin continues to publish, speak and think on all things entrepreneurship education.

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The workshop will be moderated by Mats Westerberg, LTU. Mats has dedicated much of his scholarly efforts to move the needle on our understanding of entrepreneurship education and its interplay with the many diverse stakeholders that surround it; universities included. More recently, Mats’ research explores the role of entrepreneurship itself in the broader education system. Currently, Mats is a professor at LTU and leads the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.
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Oct 29,
– 11:30




Educators from all universities and disciplines are welcome to apply.


Applications are open until October 25th.

Additional information

This seminar will be held via Zoom. Due to the interactive nature of the workshop there is a set number of spots available. So, in order to secure a seat, please sign up sooner rather than later. There will be a break.


1.5 hours

Colin Jones
Workshop instructor, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

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Residing on recent insights in the scholarly domain of entrepreneurship education the workshop series aims to give you as an educator useful tools and mind nuggets to advance your teaching. Over time, we hope to shine a light on many issues that occupy your thinking as an engaged educator, while also giving rise to new avenues of inquiry. 

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