Crafting Spaces for Entrepreneurial Learning

Considering the significance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, crafting spaces that inspire students is something that universities have rightly started to prioritise. But what really makes a space inspiring? How can physical environments be conducive to new ideas?

The objective of this workshop is to investigate the factors that contribute to the innovativeness of a space and discover how that space encourages entrepreneurial activity. Elusive as they may be, these factors have been studied and this workshop, led by Luke Pittaway, will uncover the most relevant research findings and methodologies on understanding and harnessing their influence.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Gain insights into how physical infrastructure actively contributes to fostering innovation and driving entrepreneurial outcomes
  • Focus on the different forms and types of spaces that have been developed within the United States and examine the roles they play
  • Explore a step by step guide for assessing and designing new physical infrastructure for entrepreneurship on university campuses



Dr. Pittaway is the Copeland Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ohio University and a Justin G. Longenecker Fellow at USASBE. His research focuses on entrepreneurship education and learning and he has a range of other interests, including entrepreneurial behavior, networking, entrepreneurial failure, business growth, and corporate venturing. In 2018, Dr. Pittaway was nominated and selected to be USASBE’s Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year.


Samer Yammine is a Medicine Doctor in Cancer Epigenomics from Karolinska Institute. Samer is professionally passionate about Design, User Experience, Innovation and Business Development with extensive experience in problem-solving and creative solutions within the biotech sector. Nowadays, Samer have 1 foot in academia as a project leader at the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship with main task to develop graduate courses for Ph.D students and the other foot within biotech industry and the startup world as Co-Founder/CTO of and Chairman, Co-Founder/CTIO of


Sep 14,
– 16:30




Educators from all universities and disciplines are welcome to apply.


Event time in Swedish time zone (GMT +1 )


Applications are open until September 13th.

Additional information

This seminar will be held via Zoom. Due to the interactive nature of the workshop there is a set number of spots available. So, in order to secure a seat, please sign up sooner rather than later.


1.5 hours

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Residing on recent insights in the scholarly domain of entrepreneurship education the workshop series aims to give you as an educator useful tools and mind nuggets to advance your teaching. Over time, we hope to shine a light on many issues that occupy your thinking as an engaged educator, while also giving rise to new avenues of inquiry. 

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