Course Design

This is the second out of the cohort’s seven roundtables, and it focuses on how to design a well functioning and impactful entrepreneurship course. Participants will enrich their understanding of course design on both a theoretical and practical level and will be encouraged to share their best practices and perspectives on the creation process.

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will have expanded your teaching knowledge by having discussed the following:

  • Locating entrepreneurship education within the main theories of knowledge: behaviourism and constructivism
  • How to put different elements together, such as action learning, experiential learning, and problem based learning, to form a course
  • Comparing different course designs to select the best towards the development of specific entrepreneurial competences


Each independent roundtable is composed of two moderated sessions, 90 minutes each, during which we discuss practices and delve deep into the subject of interest. The two sessions take place one week apart.

Between the two sessions, you as participants are expected to reflect and work individually on material provided by the curator during the course. This material is primarily made up of relevant and contemporary research articles that have been condensed and summarised into an easily digested format. 

This content is presented in the form of both text and video, in the interest of accessibility and allowing you to customise the learning experience to your individual needs. In addition to the condensed content, you will have access to the original articles and a recommended reading list, further giving you the option to dive as deep as you wish into the topic. 

If you want to find out more about how it all works, take a look at this page, or this video about the experience from the perspective of a participant.

”In contrast to a traditional conference, at the Learning Lab we could compare our experiences in a really beneficial and exciting peer model. Fernanda's session management was also excellent, and she constantly kept the pace and discussions on track.”
Riccardo Maiolini
Associate Professor of Business Administration,
John Cabot University


Oct 16,
–13:30 CET
Oct 23,
–13:30 CET


Online. All the learning materials are delivered through Sana, a digital learning platform.


Applications are open until October 2nd. Confirmation of attendance will be sent out October 5th.


Participation is free of charge.


The course is designed for higher education teachers, practitioners, mentors, and researchers from all over the world, who want to deepen their knowledge in entrepreneurship education.